Our aim is to help you create happy, resilient, well-adjusted family pets but most importantly to build the bond between you so that you can really enjoy life with your dog.
The service we provide intends to set you and your dog for success in the real-world using evidence-based, holistic, ethical, and positive approach to training and behaviour.

We use only kind, force-free methods, often called ‘reward-based’ or ‘positive’ dog training.  Positive reinforcement dog training is a modern, science-based approach which uses the principles of behavioural science to teach and communicate with dogs, in order to build lasting bonds based on mutual understanding, trust and respect. 

We simply teach your dog what you would like them to do in a kind and effective way.  There is no need to intimidate or hurt a dog to train them; learning should be fun, not fear-inducing.

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Experienced Animal Trainer

Sharing your home with an animal can be a dream or a nightmare. Making sure your dog's needs are meet and providing consistent training will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company. My evidence-based training method is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.

Wooft was founded in 2019 and has developed a very special reputation with our customers and their owners in Canberra. I believe in the importance of relationships, trust and ethical treatment. I don’t believe in choke collars or any other aversive methods.  Dogs, and many other animals, are social animals, who enjoy love and family life. Let’s get them out of the dog house, give them more positive reinforcement, and turn them into a family member.



Approved Trainer for MindDog Australia
ACT Government Assistance Dog Trainer and Assessor (PAT)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, DELTA institute

Behavioural Training Instructor Course, ACT Companion Dog Club

ACT Companion Dog Club Behavioural trainer and instructor

RSPCA dog training school instructor

Additional training:

Animal First Aid

Canine Communication Certification ( New Skills Academy)

Responsible dog ownership (DELTA institute)-1-year course

Safe dog handling and bite prevention, with Andrew Clarke

Resource Guarding in Dogs, with Dallas Burkevics

Nose works, with John Sam


Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia  

Member Of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia 


We offer range of services


The right training is an essential part of stress-free, effective and responsible animal care. Learn evidence-based, cruelty-free, reward-based techniques to train your beloved dog in a positive, safe and supportive environment.



Train in the comfort of your own home and save time 

The first session with a training plan - $100

Subsequent training sessions - $80

With today’s busy life, not everyone has the time to attend scheduled puppy classes. I offer private, one-on-one basic training sessions for you and your dog in your own time, wherever is convenient to you.
In the 45-minute session, I will teach you to train your dog to sit, drop, stay, wait and be calm on your request. This individualised approach will save you time as we can cover more than is possible in a group environment. You will also receive helpful tips on troubleshooting common challenges people face with a new puppy



"There is so many great things I could say, but the pure support, encouragement and help I got was simply incredible. I had so much anxiety surrounding my beautiful dog Darcie passing her public access test, yet, I got nothing but positivity. We got through it with no stress, no pressure and so much professionalism in could not recommend the lovely Izabela enough. Her knowledge and guidance is clear and easy to follow. Definitely a 10/10"
Jess and Darcie




“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


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